Transporting Heavy Equipment to Your Job Site

Hauling heavy equipment to and from oilfield jobsites is no walk in the park. WIthout adequate planning, proper hauling equipment and trained and experienced personnel, you're flirting with disaster.

When you rent a loader, Nodwell or other off-road equipment in Fort McMurray, you should know that it’s not like renting a car for a weekend drive! Getting this equipment to your Fort McMurray job site is a major undertaking.

Let’s take a look at what is required to move heavy equipment to and from your jobsite safely:

  • Planning. The equipment hauler has to prepare the transport with meticulous care. The combined weight and dimensions of the equipment to be hauled and the transport vehicle must be carefully calculated. This is necessary to avoid contact with hazards like power lines, protect bridges and other infrastructure, and not endanger the motoring public. Over-dimension loads need the proper signage and may require the services of escort vehicles. The exact route from the equipment rental location to the jobsite is mapped,  long with all possible obstacles, authorities are advised and appropriate permits obtained. Insurance papers and a schedule are drawn up, all necessary documents are processed and copies given to the driver to show to authorities en route.
  • Hauling equipment selection. With the specific dimensions of the equipment to be hauled in hand, the hauler determines what truck and trailer (often a flatbed) combination is necessary to get the equipment to destination. The hauling equipment is carefully inspected to ensure it will arrive at the destination safely. A driver with the necessary experience and credentials is selected and the load and route discussed. The driver must also know how to operate the vehicle he is hauling to load and unload it safely.
  • Loading and securing. The next step is loading the Nodwell, loader, or other off-road equipment rental in Fort McMurray onto the trailer or flatbed and readying it for transport. The load is secured properly by someone with the experience to do it safely. It must be balanced and distributed properly before it leaves the yard.
  • Unloading. Oil and gas field jobsites are notorious for having limited space and being difficult to access. Unloading and maneuvering are often a challenge and require the expertise of experienced and careful drivers.

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