How to Maintain Your Off-Road Oilfield Equipment

When you rent off-road equipment in Fort McMurray, the last thing you want is a breakdown. You need that rented Nodwell or loader to run like a Swiss watch, even in the roughest conditions—no excuses. Every minute wasted because of a breakdown is money out of your pocket.

This is why when you rent off-road equipment, the machinery has to be well-maintained and in excellent mechanical condition. You have to be able to trust that the machines you rent are safe and reliable. 

Let’s take a look at what a top-notch maintenance program for off-road equipment looks like:

  • Prevention. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure… or in this case a ton of cure. Any off-road equipment rental outfit worth its salt understands that good maintenance is its lifeline. Why? Because when off-road equipment breaks down in the field, it’s very expensive to fix. And considering the conditions that this machinery typically operates in, if it gets stuck off-road, it will likely be even more hassle to recover. As such, always remember to inspect your machinery before sending it out in the field. Consider doing a “dry run” as well, during which your equipment will be started up in a safe environment prior to being sent out to a job site. 
  • Know your equipment. An experienced equipment rental company will know the weaknesses of the equipment it rents. It will identify the parts prone to repetitive failures—all machines have them—and make doubly sure they’re sound before going out in the field. This applies to loaders’ ground-engaging tools, including teeth, hoses, cylinders, wear plates and cutting edges, for example. And though Nodwells may be magic for getting to places nothing else can, particular attention must be paid to the tracks and ancillary components to avoid breakdown.
  • Operators. Operators have to be vigilant, well-trained and respectful. Even top-notch, expertly-maintained equipment won’t stand up to abuse of an inexperienced operator. Operators are also the first line of defence in preventing equipment breakdown. Their pre-and post-use inspections have to be impeccable, therefore allowing easy identification of any problems.
  • Cleanliness. Always keep the equipment as clean as possible. This is the only way to visually catch any problems before they become full-blown breakdowns.

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