In Alberta, the Deran Oilfield Services Team Stands By You

Established in 1985, Deran Oilfield Services remains a family owned and operated company serving the dedicated workers of Alberta’s oil and gas industries. Our highly professional and knowledgeable staff is proud to rent and service the equipment you need, when you need it.

Long before we brought our equipment rentals to Fort McMurray, the Alberta oil and gas industry was going full-steam ahead. This is a tough industry to break into and we knew our offerings would need to be unique and valued by our customers. After all, we got our start 70 years after William Stewart Herron first broke ground on the first productive oil well in Alberta. We knew, like Herron and the many that came after him, we would have to be dreamers and innovators. Deran Oilfield Services brought on experts to help our customers find the right equipment to suit their needs.

Equipment Rentals for Fort McMurray: Aligned with Your Priorities

Whether you need 400 BBL tanks, shale bins, pressure vessels, or off-road equipment rentals in Fort McMurray or anywhere in Alberta, we can deliver solutions that are right in line with your present and future priorities. Due to the nature of many oilfield and gas operations, the best way to ensure the right equipment is there is through equipment rentals. Fort McMurray and Alberta treaters, operators, and drillers can all depend on the service excellence of Deran Oilfield Services.

When our blue trucks with the yellow Deran Oilfield Services ribbon on the side pull up, you’ll know the right equipment and specialized services have arrived. And, once you’re ready to pack it in and move to a new site, our reliable yellow-ribboned trucks will be there to provide heavy-haul services for your gas or oil operation. From rig mats to tanks, our team transports every piece of equipment and the supplies you need — safely and promptly. We handle all transport permits, so you can give your undivided attention to your worksite and crew.

Deran Oilfield Services has been in business for over 30 years. We share a vision of mutual success with our clients and work hard to fulfill their objectives, always maintaining high-performance equipment and the highest standards of workmanship in the industry.

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